General Rules & Guidelines

  1. Each team will consist of three or four players (three starters and one substitute.)
  2. Teams will placed into divisions according to grade of their oldest player(s).
  3. Roster changes are not allowed after the registration deadline unless approved by the tournament director(s).
  4. All teams are guaranteed at least 3 scheduled games throughout the day.
  5. Games will be played on a half court.
  6. Scoring will be as follows: one point per basket, two points for shots made from beyond the 3-point arc.
  7. The first team to score 15 points, is leading by at least 2 points, or is the team ahead after 15 minutes, wins.
  8. If the game is tied after 15 minutes, then the game ends as a tie. There is no overtime. There will be no time limit for playoffs. Possession will alternate after each basket.
  9. Tournament director(s) reserve the right to reduce the number of scheduled games or shorten games due to unforeseen circumstances.
  10. Tournament director(s) reserve the right to combine certain divisions if a lack of entries exists.
  11. Tournament officials reserve the right to refuse entry, eject players, teams, or fans from the tournament without refund for any conduct deemed unfit for public/family welfare. 


Court Monitors & Duties

  1. The team captain is the sole spokesperson for his/her team.
  2. Any questions, complaints or comments shall be taken up with the court monitor.
  3. The judgment decisions of the court monitor cannot be changed by the higher authority. Only questions concerning rule interpretation or eligibility can be appealed.
  4. Once play resumes after a disagreement or appeal, the decision is considered to be final.  No further appeals will be allowed on that incident.



  1. All games may start and be completed with any number of players (3,2,1).
  2. Both teams will warm up at the same time: five (5) minutes prior to the game.
  3. Only those teams scheduled to play are allowed to occupy the court at the scheduled time.
  4. Teams must be at their court at the scheduled time.  A five (5) minute forfeit time will be strictly enforced.
  5. * We appreciate parents involvement in the SPA 3 on 3. If you are the designated coach or handling substitutions during your son/daughter’s game, we ask that you stand above the free throw lane. This will allow the officials to move more freely along the baseline.  


Fouls & Violations

  1. Court monitors will call all fouls and violations at all grade levels.* (Updated rule)
  2. The court monitor will also call a technical foul for flagrant/intentional fouls and a dead ball technical foul shot will be awarded.  The player fouled will shoot and the clock will be stopped for the foul shot during the final minute. The shooting team also receives possession of the ball following the free throw attempt, whether or not the shot is made.
  3. Continual misconduct or flagrant/intentional fouling will result in immediate dismissal of the guilty player or team from that particular game and/or all remaining games at the discretion of the court monitor or tournament officials.  If the court monitor calls three flagrant/intentional fouls in a game against one team, that team will automatically forfeit the game.

The safety of the participants must be our number one priority and we ask that you be understanding of the demanding situation the court monitors are in: trying to let the kids play but at the same time making sure they are having a safe and fun experience. Thank you for your cooperation.


Time-Outs & Substitutions

  1. Each team is allowed one (1) minute time-out per game.
  2. In case of obvious injury only, a special one-minute injury time-out is allowed at the discretion of the court monitor. The injured player may not return to play in that game if replaced without a charged time-out.
  3. Player substitution is permitted during any dead-ball situation.



  1. A field goal is worth 1 point.  A made shot from behind the “three point” line is worth 2 points.  The player shooting must have both feet completely behind the line when initiating the attempt.  A technical foul shot is worth one point.
  2. First team that scores 15 points and is up by at least two or the team ahead after 15 minutes wins the game.
  3. If the game is tied after 15 minutes, then the game ends as a tie. There is no overtime.
  4. In playoffs games, if regulation play ends in a tie, there is a 5-minute overtime, and the first team up by 3 wins, or whoever is ahead after 5 minutes wins.  In the event of a tie after the initial 5-minute overtime period, there is an additional 3-minute overtime, and the first team up by 3 wins, or whoever is ahead after 3 minutes wins.
  5. Advancing Brackets Information: In the event of a tie in pool play, the following rules will be used to determine advancement to the next bracket; head-to-head is the 1st tie breaker; the team with the highest total points is the 2nd tie breaker; and point differential is the final tie breaker.


Live Ball & Dead Ball Possession

  1. A coin flip before the start of the game will determine who gets the ball out-of-bounds.
  2. The ball will change possession after scored baskets.
  3. Jump balls will be called by the court monitor and will go to the defense.
  4. An opposing player must check the ball before it is put into play.  The player must pass the ball in while standing out-of-bounds at the top of the court to begin play.
  5. All fouls and violations will be played out-of-bounds at the top of the court.
  6. A ball out-of-bounds will be taken out at the top of the court.
  7. The ball must be “taken back” to be behind the 3-point line on every change of possession.  Violation occurs if a basket is made by the team failing to properly “take it back” and will result in the loss of the point scored and possession to the other team.
  8. “Taking back” means both feet and the ball must be behind the 3-point arc.
  9. Any infraction of these regulations will result in loss of the possession of the ball.